Welcome to our apartments Lago Azul in Los Cancajos

Next to the sea and just 300 meters from the beach is the apartment complex "Lago Azul". It has a garden, pool, childrens pool and reception. Conditions for the customer to be able to enjoy the holiday. The apartments "Lago Azul" are in the community, "Brena Baja," in "Los Cancajos" on the east side of the island La Palma.

From here you have only a short distance to the capital, "Santa Cruz de La Palma", to the beach of Los Cancajos, a very beautiful beach which is awarded with the blue, and many other interesting places on the "isla bonita".

The island La Palma is the northwestern island of the Canary Islands. It belongs to the government district, "Santa Cruz de Tenerife", has a size of 706 km² and has aprox. 86,000 inhabitants living in 14 different communities.

Here you can enjoy the diverse and unique nature. Especially recommendable is the national park "Taburiente" and the "Roque de los Muchachos" with a summit at an altitude of 2426 meters. The underwater world and the night skies of the island are unique. Thanks to its special natural conditions. The astronomical observation of La Palma is known worldwide.

The distance to Tenerife is 85 km, the distance to the Spanish mainland (Cadiz) is 1440 kilometers. La Palma, the rest of the Canary Islands, the entire archipelago is forming Macaronesia, which is having volcanic origin.

La Palma, the greenest and highest of the Canary Islands has no lack of water, on the contrary, the island has as only one of the canary islands, rivers, creeks and small brooks.


Come to La Palma and enjoy the "isla bonita" in our apartment complex "Lago Azul".